Lightwater Valley Offer 2018

We have teamed up with Lightwater Valley once again to offer you some amazing packages for 2018, allowing you and your tired adventurers to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, either after an action-packed day out for the whole family, or before the adventure begins!

Midweek: Monday – Thursday

Family room for two adults and two children – £109.00 per night, including a continental breakfast.

Twin / Double room for two adults, or one adult and one child – £99.00 per night, including continental breakfast.

Weekend: Friday – Sunday

Family room  – £149.00 per room per night, including continental breakfast.

Double/Twin – £119.00 per room per night, including continental breakfast.

Prepaid at the time of booking. Prices include a family ticket.

Guests need to check when the park is open to avoid disappointment!

Welcome to Lightwater Valley – the ultimate family adventure.

With thirty five rides and attractions; from high-octane roller coasters and spinners for adrenaline junkies, to a variety of water rides for little adventurers looking to make a big splash and a number of gentler amusements for aspiring thrill-seekers and guests looking for the collective buzz of family fun. Whatever gets your adrenaline pumping, Lightwater Valley has something for everyone.

Hurtle through the deep, dark forest aboard The Ultimate – Lightwater Valley’s signature ride and Europe’s longest coaster – and experience a perfect cocktail of speed, cornering and airtime, or hold on for dear life as the Eagle’s Claw soars into the sky with you firmly within its grasp. Take the plunge into the churning waters of the Wild River Rapids, or experience an altogether more pleasant sinking sensation and swap your Eagles for Pterosaurs on the Jurassic Adventure Golf Course. Young adventurers, meanwhile, are welcome to enjoy our gentler introduction to the thrilling speed of a rollercoaster on The Ladybird, or by taking a spin with some of nature’s noblest creatures on board Noah’s Ark.

When the day’s fun and excitement is over, guests can expect a warm welcome at the Days Inn Wetherby.