Raceseason 2017

Horseback racing has been a tradition in the UK and across the world since early history.

It can be traced back until the ancient Greeks and their chariot races. Chariot racing and mounted flat racing which can be compared to today’s Flat racing, were events taking part in the Greek Olympics by 648 BC.

Now, 2017, the sport looks a bit different, but it’s nonetheless popular. The UK is host to over 50 racecourses with 9 being located in Yorkshire.

Windsor, Ascot, Aintree and Cheltenham – only to name a few, have drawn visitors across the decades; Ladies Days are popular days out and the gambling associated with the sport is an important economic income.

If you are not into gambling and you don’t like this part of entertainment, maybe the creative name giving of race horses can keep you entertained watching a race. Personal favourites among names are Maythehorsebewithu and Worlds His Oyster , but I’m sure you have your own best name that makes you giggle.

The 2017 racing season has started already and Yorkshire race courses are gearing up for a good season.

You can find a list for race fixtures here.
The Wetherby racecourse is in close proximity to the hotel and all other 8 courses are not far either.

Check out the map below.