Jorvik Viking Festival 2017

Yorkshire has a lot to offer with its landscape and history. When do you hear the word Viking, what comes first in your mind?

1 – Hot beard guy with a smile on his face

2 – Viking boat

3 – Jorvik festival!


 ~ 0 ~


The Jorvik Viking Festival is one of York’s most fantastic and historical event. Take a trip into the Viking Era, York’s Heritage from over 1000 years ago, and celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

With more than 40 000 visitors, the event is recognised as the largest Viking Festival in. It will take place between 20th – 26th February 2017 and feature family-friendly events throughout York.

Get the real Viking Experience throughout the celebration of the last Viking King in York, Eric Bloodaxe. The programme is inspired by the Norse monarch which includes best beard contest, guided walks, lectures, a living history encampments and a battle reproduction. Discover the society when York was under Viking rules with a mix of free and ticketed events and activities.

Go on an historical expedition with your children and participate in fun activities that will immerse you in the era of expeditions and bloody battles.

The kids will get to play as they did in the past, to reveal their sword or archery skills in fun workshops, to discover myths and legends from the skald (storyteller) and to dress like a Viking (and to make their own outfit!).

Find out also how all treasures from the past are treated by the archaeologists and help the experts identify the materials.

See who will win the “Beard trophies” amongst the young and the old, men or women!

Warriors will march and fight in Coppergate’s Arena to be crowned the Strongest Viking! Come along and cheer your champion!

Explore the Viking’s life in a real live camp at Coppergate where you will get the chance to ask questions to the Viking residents and to discover how people lived in the past.

For the festivities closure, relive the Battle of Stainmore in Rawcliffe Park with spectacular visuals and sound effects and fear the Viking warriors in the field for a battle display and witness the end of an era with it.

See the full programe here and if you are looking for a place to stay, we are only 30 minutes away from the festival ~ Enjoy our Half-term offer with your family, only £109 for two night !

Dress like a Viking and party like in the 10th Century and celebrate like a real Norse people!